Smith & Associates Pre-Employment and Polygraph Services provides professional employee screening and examination services.

We are located in Fairfax, Virginia and are also licensed to provide polygraph examinations in Maryland, North Carolina, Connecticut and Washington, DC.

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60 years of experience

Smith & Associates Fairfax, VA Since 2013

Welcome to Smith & Associates.

SAPPS is the undisputed leader in the pre-employment and polygraph industry here in VA. Why?

Because we care about you. Here, you aren’t just a number or another test. You’re a person. You have a vision. You have dreams. You have cares and concerns. We’re here to make sure that you have the absolute truth to help you with each and every one of those things. 


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SAPPS offers you a team that you won’t find anywhere else. With 26 Federal, local, and state contracts, 2 private investigators, 60 years of experience and 5 examiners, no matter what your case or need – we’ll help you get to the bottom of it.


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Polygraph Services

Pre-employment Polygraph

 We feel strongly that when choosing a candidate for employment, employers deserve to get a full and accurate portrait of the applicant. A pre-employment polygraph provides thorough and factual information regarding, but not limited to an applicant’s employment history, drug and alcohol consumption, and criminal histories. We currently work with approximately twenty dispatch and communications systems agencies, fire and rescue agencies, and law enforcement agencies in the tri-state area.

Government Cases 

At Smith and Associates, we understand that matters of government and state are highly sensitive. We will work with you to maintain the confidentiality you deserve as well as to help you obtain the truth regarding a multitude of situations, concerns, and matters of clearance and military tribunals. We can conduct polygraphs for multiple government agencies to include, but not limited to, U.S. Customs, Border Protection, Maritime Security, Homeland Security, Department of Defense, and the Intelligence Community.

Private Polygraph Service

 We understand that relationships of many sorts can be complicated. You deserve to know the truth and function from a place of honesty and integrity in every aspect of your life, whether as an employer, parent, partner, or spouse. Our private polygraphs cover a wide range of topics, including employment concerns, family matters, and relationship issues, but are all geared to getting you the answers you deserve.

Court Cases

A polygraph can be a powerful tool during a criminal trial. We provide polygraphs regarding criminal matters on a broad range of cases to include, but not limited to, theft, drug and alcohol possession, wrongful termination, sexual offenses, and homicide cases. We will work hand in hand with your legal counsel to make sure the polygraph is being conducted with your best interest in mind.

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“My first polygraph experience was great thanks to Mr. Smith. He ensured that I understood how the test would progress as well as the history and science behind the polygraph. I could not have had a better experience.”

Andrew S.

“Extremely professional and courteous. Explained the process from start to finish. Took his time and listened to the needs and the purpose of the test. Would recommend to anyone!”

Meaghan O.

“I more than highly recommend Smith and Associates. Robert made the polygraph process simple and non-threatening. He explained the process on the phone and really took his time. Not proud I had to get a polygraph and I was nervous at first because it’s the last place I wanted to be. However, after explaining the situation, he took the time to understand it from both sides.  Robert really did his best to make an intimidating process less intimidating. Extremely professional and really knowledgeable.”

John S.

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Intern in the hot seat!

SAPPS has been non-stop busy since VA opened up! We're in the process of working with new clients, both on the private polygraph side of things, as well as municipalities. Over the weekend we conducted polygraphs for the Prince William County Fire & Rescue...

Covid-19 Creativity

Here at SAPPS we know your safety is important. You don't take it for granted, and neither do we. Here's an example from yesterday at the office: Pictures of makeshift polygraph room at District 9. We set up in the conference room, so examinees can access from that...

Who We Are

Smith and Associates Pre-Employment and polygraph Services, LLC, is a small veteran-owned business, which was established in March 2013, by owner Robert J. Smith. While previously employed with a state agency in Northern Virginia that used polygraph services, he...

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(703) 618-2400

Professional Center of Fairfax Building
10875 Main Street, Suite 111
Fairfax, VA 22030

Open Everyday from 8am-5pm