SAPPS has been non-stop busy since VA opened up!

We’re in the process of working with new clients, both on the private polygraph side of things, as well as municipalities. Over the weekend we conducted polygraphs for the Prince William County Fire & Rescue Department and for VA Probation & Parole Sex Offender Unit in Fairfax. 
Today, was an exciting day involving three polygraphs, two of which were for Spanish-speaking clients requiring an interpreter (did we mention that no matter who you are and what your background is that we can help? Because we can). The polygraphs were for our client, The Center for Clinical and Forensic Services (CCFS), who is a sex offender counseling service for convicted sex offenders on probation.

But wait, this is where it gets fun.

Today was Ms. Elisabetta Cantatore’s first experience translating live polygraphs.

Ms. Cantatore is an intern (we’re in the process of looking for more, so please reach out if you think you’d be a fit) with CCFS, and recently finished her Master’s Degree. She’s planning on starting her schooling toward her PhD after a brief reprieve. Talk about an over-achiever!

Her professionalism, desire to learn, and ability to communicate with us and the examinee made for smooth seamless translations. Thus, we ended the day with two successful polygraphs. We at SAPPS look forward to working with Ms. Cantatore again in the near future. Every intern must get their picture in “the hot seat”