Smith and Associates Pre-Employment and polygraph Services, LLC, is a small veteran-owned business, which was established in March 2013, by owner Robert J. Smith. While previously employed with a state agency in Northern Virginia that used polygraph services, he realized there was a real need for a local polygraph company in the tri-state region, encompassing Virginia, Washington D.C., and Maryland. SAPPS, currently holds over 20 local, county, state, federal, and private security contracts, along with conducting polygraphs for couples in counseling and for other relationship and private matters. Additionally, SAPPS works with several of the biggest tri-state attorney firms conducting polygraphs in criminal matters.

SAPPS has a dedicated and professional staff of five seasoned polygraph examiners, with a combined 60+ years of polygraph service. SAPPS also has one Private Investigator and a talented Executive Assistant that keeps the agency running smoothly. 

SAPPS owner, Robert J. Smith has had several recent talking engagements to help educate private citizens and businesses about polygraphy, how it works, and provide insight into the business aspects. He was a guest on the Washington D.C. sports radio show 106.7 The Junkies, were a polygraph was performed the day prior to the live revealing of the polygraph results of one of the show’s members, with Adam getting a pie thrown in his face for failing one of the polygraph questions. 

Robert was also a guest on Washington D.C. Podcast of “Ask the Investigator”, hosted by Ken Cummins, owner of Capitol Inquiry. In the episode, Use of Polygraphs in Investigations, Robert reviewed the history of polygraph, the current advancement of polygraph examinations in investigations and gave specific examples of several polygraphs he recently conducted. 

Robert spends numerous hours going to schools and mentoring and teaching children about being successful, owning and running a company, and how polygraphs are used in positive ways. Most recently he has conducted several classes for a high school in Fincastle, Virginia, where the students are in a Criminal Justice tract. Additionally, Robert performs a one-day class at Liberty Christian Academy in Lynchburg, Virginia for upperclassman in advanced biology classes, to show how biology, chemistry, and science are all involved in administering a polygraph examination. Of course, the best part is always when Robert performs a mock polygraph on the student’s teacher, Ms. Paula Potter, who does her best to be truthful!    

SAPPS thrives on continuing to stay within the tri-state area and provide its costumers with the highest quality polygraph service. Each year SAPPS continues to take on new contracts and clients in our service area. To keep up with those demands, SAPPS is always looking to bring on new polygraph examiners who also have a professional mindset.