Robert Smith

In service to America since 1992


Robert has over 28 years of criminal justice experience to include investigations of criminal matters, polygraph examinations, dignitary/personal protection of executives. He has instructed and guest lectured at the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Probation, and the Virginia School of Polygraph. Robert has extensive skills and experience in interviewing. His experience in investigations includes: homicide, drug trafficking, rape, sexual assault, serious child trauma and child sexual exploitation on the internet, pedophile and child sexual abuse, domestic/family related issues. Robert’s investigative experience allows him to provide all clients with the most professional and indepth detailed polygraph examinations. Additionally, Robert is currently a Virginia licensed Private Investigator.


Experience that speaks for itself.


He has worked, trained and/or lectured to the following agencies, departments and organizations on various criminal investigations, and polygraph topics: Naval Criminal Investigative Service (NCIS), Virginia Beach Police Department, Norfolk Virginia Police Department, Fairfax County Police Department, Chesterfield Sheriff’s Department, National Child Exploitation Agency, Fairfax County Police Victim Services Unit, Metro Washington Airport Authority and the Virginia Department of Corrections. Robert has worked extensively monitoring convicted sex offenders, and with behavioral health professionals throughout Virginia and Maryland.


Robert is a an accredited polygraph school graduate, and a certified Forensic Psychophysiologist and is Board Certified by the Commonwealth of Virginia Department of Professional and Occupational Regulation (DPOR), North Carolina Private Protective Services Board, State of Maryland and Washington D.C. as a Polygraph Examiner. Additionally, he has obtained certification in advanced and specialized training for Post Conviction Sex Offender testing. Robert is currently a full member in excellent standing with the American Polygraph Association, the Virginia Polygraph Association – of which he is the Vice President, the National Polygraph Association, and the British & European Polygraph Association.

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